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Pacific North West Travel Notes 2014 - part 5 (Wells Gray Provincial Park)

I am so late on my reports! It is already the end of day 13 and I am still writing about day 10! We are driving substantial distances every day and by the time we get to our hotel there is no time and energy left to write. Plus we are sharing one computer and each of us has things to do on computer.
On day 10 we woke up to pretty strong rain which followed us with various degree of severity through the most of a day. This was very sad since we were driving through extremely beautiful areas - mountains with snow covered tops, rapid rivers, serene lakes, Siberia-like forest, great agricultural valleys, gorgeous waterfall – all in one day. And it was raining hard!
Note: All photos are clickable. Also I added some old photos of waterfalls.






It was still raining when we approached one of our planned destinations - Wells Gray Provincial Park -one of British Columbia's most spectacular provincial parks. It was significant detour to drive to its waterfalls and considering rain and poor visibility Alex was not crazy about it. However, I insisted and we were both very happy about this. The only time we visited Wells Gray Provincial Park was few years ago in May, when they still had show. This time waterfalls were at their strongest and absolutely spectacular, especially the Helmcken Falls. With light rain colors of the surrounding forest and rocks were very vibrant. At Helmcken Falls huge amount of water was falling in the bowl that looked like wizard’s cauldron and then went up in a magical smoke-like mist. It looked as I would imagine hell should look like. The whole waterfall was framed with the opening in the rocks and was surrounded by the red cliffs creating extremely dramatic view. Even Alex who is normally pretty indifferent to falling water told that this was the most beautiful waterfalls he has ever seen. We also visited Spahats Falls in the same park and it was also beautiful but not as magical as Helmcken Falls.






This is how Helmcken Falls looked liked in May six years ago:

We arrived to Jasper pretty late and decided to eat in our hotel room so we had wine and cheese night.
We stayed in Mount Robson hotel. I got somewhat mixed emotions from this hotel. Our room was not big but functional and newly decorated in very contemporary style. It had moving glass walls that allowed changing space arrangement between the room and the bathroom. This was cool. What was not so cool that their temperature control was not working. It was pretty warm in our room and open window did not help much. Also I did not like the fact that they did not have a desk or a chair so using computer was challenging. When we mentioned at the checkout that our AC was not working, they told that this should’ve been mentioned to us at the check-in. It was not and therefore we got $30 CAD off our price.
By the way, Jasper was our north most point; after Jasper we will be heading south or actually south-east.

To be continued.....
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