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Chicken Breast Schnitzels for Max

Somehow, it is assumed that the chicken breast - it is somewhat dry and boring meat. I categorically disagree. Chicken breast schnitzel if prepared right, rivals traditional veal schnitzel in tenderness and taste.
The secret is in pounding breasts thin with a mullet and using right type of breading. Since chicken is very tender, pounding needs to be done in a plastic bag. It is important to pound breast thin to a uniform thickness of not more than ½ inch so that they can be fried quickly.
First, wash your chicken breasts, trim of any fat and dry with paper towels. Season both sides of the breasts with some salt and pepper. Put them in a plastic bag and pound well on both sides until they are thin and uniform in thickness.
Put some regular flour on one plate and some Panko crumbs on another. Regular bread crumbs can also be used but Japanese style Panko crumbs give much thicker and lighter textured coating. Panko crumbs are sold in any Chinese store.
In a bowl beat an egg. It takes one egg per one chicken breast. Since pounding makes breasts become rather large, cut each breast in half. One breast is sufficient to feed two people with normal appetite if served with a side dish.
Pour enough corn oil into large skillet to create about 1/8” layer and heat it on medium heat. When oil is hot, dust your chicken breasts in flour, dip it well in beaten egg and then roll it in Panko crumbs to cover completely.
Put breaded breasts into hot oil and keep heat to medium. If heat is too high, the breasts will burn before they are ready. If heat is too low, you would not get nice crunchy crust on your chicken. Once the crust on a bottom has reached a beautiful golden-brown color, flip the chicken and fry on another side. Serve it as soon as the second side reaches the same golden-brown color. It is very important not to overcook it since it will become drier. It goes really well with mashed potatoes.
Here is the whole process step-by step:
1. Wash, trim and dry chicken breasts.
2. Season them with salt and pepper.
3. Place breasts in a plastic bag and pound until they reach uniform thickness of about ½” then cut in half.
4. In a bowl beat eggs until blended.
5. Pour some flour on one plate and some Panko crumbs on another plate.
6. Heat corn oil in a skillet on medium heat.
7. Dust breasts in flour, dip in beaten egg and cover well with Panko crumbs.
8. Place breaded breasts into heated oil on a skillet.
9. Fry until bottom side is golden brown.
10. Flip and fry another side of the breasts until golden brown.
11. Remove from skillet and serve at ones.
Here are some photos of the process:
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