May 18th, 2012

red hat

Pacific North West Travel Notes - part 3

We were able to make it (barely) to the Fish House in Stanley Park and had a great dinner there. May be it was early Mother Day dinner but maybe we will have another one tomorrow. We had their house soup (tomatoes, coconut milk and halibut) and oysters motoyaki (baked with wasabi mayonnaise, pickled ginger & black sesame) for starters. Then Alex had cedar planked arctic char & pink salmon pink salmon with creamed spinach, roasted onion pudding and fig reduction and I had lamb sirloin with warm quinoa, feta & mint, Moroccan carrot salad and slow roasted tomato. Both dishes were absolutely perfect. While lamb dish was definitely implying Middle Eastern influence, in reality it tasted more Indian than Moroccan which I actually liked. When I mentioned this to our waitress, she said that one of their cooks is Indian so it is quite likely that he used the spices of his region. In any case, I liked this restaurant even more than I did during our previous visits.

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