May 14th, 2012

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Pacific North West Travel Notes - part 2

While we were taking Mt. Adams loop, we decided to get some local cheese from very small artisan creamery (Cascadia Creamery) at Trout Lake. We read about the in local magazine and being cheese lovers wanted to buy it. It was said that their cheese is sold in couple local stores. The very first one in Trout Lake’s General Store was out of it. So was second place - Dickies in Bingen. Luckily for us The Farm Stand in Hood River had two varieties of Cascadia’s cheese - the Glacier Blue and the Sleeping Beauty. We already tried the Glasier Blue and it is out of this world. Looking forward to trying the Sleeping Beauty.
Later we had dinner at Brian's Pourhouse restaurant in Hood River. Food was still decent as during our previous visits but service was pretty poor. Our waitress was totally absent minded and did not ever care enough to apologize for her mishaps which were too many to list here. In addition I was disappointed with my main dish. It was their special steak with red wine sauce, morel mushrooms and asparagus. I never tried morels before and was looking forward `to finally experience their taste. Well, I did not this time. While steak itself was perfect – juicy and tender and sauce was rich and tasty the taste of both morels and asparagus was unrecognizable. They were stewed in the wine sauce and tasted just like the sauce itself. What a pity – to use such delicately tasting ingredients and mask their taste completely!
Next day, May 10th, we headed toward Portland taking our time driving along Historic Columbia River Highway (Hwy 30) visiting several waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls were accessible via very short and easy trails but couple of them required longer hike which we chose not to do this time. So we visited Horse Tail Falls, Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls and Sheppard Dell Falls. Well, ‘we’ was slightly exaggerated since Alex went only to a couple of shortest hikes. His excuse was ‘I’ve seen it before’. Unlike him, I am completely obsessed with a sight of fast running water and cannot get enough of the waterfalls. This is the best time of the year to visit waterfalls. Due to the melting snow in the mountains that feed the creeks that form the waterfalls they are at their fullest and strongest capacity. And yet weather is already warm and sunny enough to enjoy them and to take good pictures.

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